South Sudan Week 2

In my second week of the South Sudan project, i was starting to look slightly more  into what my project might actually be. I had already had the idea of the navigational story, now it was time to start actually thinking about what it would look like, so i sketched out some very rough drawings.


I mapped out how some of the pages may look, starting with an introduction page and a story page, in a vertical order. I then had the idea that i could make it more fun for the user to be able to go horizontal between pages too so that they have even more control and it doesn’t get boring just scrolling down.

In further detail i looked at a number of interestingly designed stories, i liked the way that the animations helped the stories flow well, preventing the reading from becoming boring. I liked the way that it seemed the page was split into two containers, then when one move one way, the other moved the other way revealing different information.

Interactive Stories I used as inspiration. – Interactive Stories

“The Boat” did not inspire me as much in the design department, but it made me think of ways that stories can be told in more interesting ways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“Killing Kennedy” was the interactive story that caught my eye the most, i enjoyed the transitions that were used between slides. The idea between the page being broken into two different pieces, which then make a full piece after is very clever.

20170208_101819 20170208_101828

I then started to think about how these designs could really influence the way my work will look, i thought about what i could put in the two containers. I was thinking about having an image covering the whole page, then when one side goes up it reveals information.

I had an idea of splitting the page into two sections, one being Sudan and the other being South Sudan, both sides would have an enter button, then when one was clicked it would reveal more information about that side. It was shortly after that i realised the project doesn’t involve Sudan, so i had to scrap that idea very quickly.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 13.42.21.png

When this idea was very quickly scrapped, i thought that i might still be able to still use that style for my project, just including different information instead.


  • Oil/ Money
  • Facebook/ Twitter
  • #defyhatenow/ Hate Speech


This page is where i continued to think about how i could break up the story, using arrows to navigate through horizontally or vertically. At this point we were introduced to something called webscraping, which is used to scrape a webpage of the data on it. This data would then be used to create a data visualisation.



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